On the Road in Citroen C4

Citroen’s innovation and out-of-the-ordinary designs have captured my imagination. Their automobile design is functional, mechanically capable and yet appealing to the eye.

The shape of their new C4 hatchback is cutting edge, unconventional but interesting. Citroen has deliberately worked to make this well-rounded car the most comfortable and practical family car.

Our test car was the Ultimate Red, 1.2-liter 3-cylinder PureTech engine, equipped with high-yield turbo (24, 000 rpm). It floats airily with acceptable suspension system, good brakes and good steering which makes it a dream in a tight car parks. The standard six-speed automatic is quick to respond and very smooth which are transformed into a pleasant driving feel.

This is not a high performance chassis but for a more responsive driving style, a Sport mode is available by pressing the ‘S’ button next to the gear level. Sport mode increases the engine urgency constantly even though I didn’t push it too hard. The C4 doesn’t carry a lot of weight so a lively feeling is constantly delivered.

It features a basic but neat dashboard with the 7-inch touch operated screen in the center of the console grouping all the media and navigation functions, where everything is found just where you might expect it to be.

Standard equipment on Touch includes Cruise Control with Speed Limiter, leaving you free to focus more of your attention on the road. It ensures that you maintain a safe speed and reduces the risk that a momentary lack of concentration could land you with a speeding fine. To be honest, there’s no real temptation to misbehave in this car. I am more likely to drive to the Empire Hotel, for Tea.

Safely ensconced in the interior, you’re struck by the ‘bigger on the inside than on the outside’ nature of the vehicle. I know that’s not possible according to the laws of physics but it certainly gives the sense that this is the case.

This little French car offers good value for money, excellent fuel efficiency, great practicality and comfort with a great sense of security. It is a hassle-free platform to transport yourself, family members and a fair bit of luggage (in the spacious 408-litre boot) around Brunei or even over long distances. Road trips will never be the same with C4.

If you want a small car with a relaxed driving style and don’t want to blend into the crowd, the Citroen C4 could be just right for you. It does what it’s made to do and it may surprise you at some points. Nice one Citroen!

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