The new Citroen C3

While our Motoring BN’s Chief Editor had the chance to test the new Citroen C3 in Barcelona, we had the opportunity to run the compact little car in our own turf here, in Brunei. The all-new Citroen C3 was launched during our Brunei Motor Show this year.

I wouldn’t pry much about its looks and power as it has been pretty much covered in our July 2017 issue, but a three-cylinder 1.2 turbo charged petrol engine can truly help some to keep most of their money in their pockets.

On a $20 dollar note, a full-tank C3 could go about 600 to 700 km, so I was told.  A one-way trip from Brunei to Kota Kinabalu would only take about 350km and few couple of hours.

I’d be interesting though to see if someone would actually go miles just to test this. But when it is powered by 1.2 three to four cylinder engine, you would surely find that this car is a fuel-saver – a perfect match to those looking for daily drives.

Despite being simple, the interiors are no less bold than its exterior.  What quickly caught my eye was the flat but pleasantly designed dashboard, perfect for you to put a non-slip mat or any other decorative, if interior personalisation is your thing.

Nowadays, cars are equipped with distinct infotainment systems straight out of the factory.  They are mostly interactive, but what sets them apart is how well it could accompany drivers for something like a night drive or a cruise by the beach.

Whether you love to cruise or not, there will be moments where you just wanted to be lost in your thought as you go along the road.  Sometimes in silence, and sometimes accompanied by music that suits the mind

The C3’s smooth handling and drive allows for a calming silence, but if you could also depend on the little car’s all-surround quality speakers to lighten up yourself.  There are four speakers attached to each side of the doors, and there are two additional ones installed on the dashboard.  You could even feel the smoothness of the beats, given that you know the right settings to it.

All in all, I believe the C3 is more than just a budget car.  It is one that is packed with fun features – one that sets my heart to my younger days.

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